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Weedscent sticks and Silk Marijuana plants for sale.

Smells like marijuana burning!

  • A necessary aid in teaching about marijuana (in the news every day)
  • All ages will be able to identify the unique odor
  • Combine the weedscent stick and weed silk plant for a more thorough education or training program - completely legal

WEEDscent Stick:

  • Easy to use
  • Light weedscent stick and let smolder in a safe container/ash tray Let permeate the room or area.
  • To reuse, extinguish and store safely
  • Approximately 15 minute total burn time per weedscent stick
  • 3 weedscent sticks per pack


Silk Marijuana Plants For Sale - single or large quantities
Scent Sticks


  • Educational Tool
  • Helps with students' curiosity
  • Keeps students attention (more than words)
  • Hands on training
Silk Plants



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Silk Marijuana Plants
  • Plants are very realistic in early stages of growth
  • Approximately 13 inches tall
  • Presented naturally in a small planter
  • Branch conformity, and color are perfect as in natural growth